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Wedmin Wins!

Wedmin Wins!

January, the month that started out in a bit of a panic has turned into the most productive month yet – Wedmin has been my priority! Oh and, we reached our ‘less than 200 days to go’ mark – eeeeeeek!

Etsy has very quickly become my favourite obsession, now marginally beating the Love My Dress Blog and Pinterest. It’s just full of the most amazing ideas by uniquely creative people. I’ve been swallowed up by the world of vectors and handmade any and every things.

This month I’ve:

  • Finalised our Cake and Florist order
  • Found our invite templates (I gave up on making our own since I have no creative capabilities)
  • Started our Wedding Website on Appy Couple
  • Found super cute MOH, Bridesmaid and Flower Girl gifts
  • Ryan has picked the type of wedding band he wants
  • Confirmed our Ceremony Music (so excited about this!)
  • Booked our honeymoon accommodation
  • Booked a DJ (a band was too expensive)
  • Booked other little touches (secrets ;))

I’ve continuously read how important it is to book suppliers you feel a genuine rapport with and this is advice I’ve been keen to follow. Our DJ is the only person that we haven’t met, but my MoH saw him at another wedding last year and said he was ‘amazing’ so I’m more than happy with her approval! Everyone else that we’ve booked, we either knew or got along with really well. I guess this may be obvious advice but sometimes is easy just to search out the bargains and cheapest prices!

I’ve recently added to my ‘OMG we’re getting married’ spreadsheet (yep, it is actually called that!) an interior and exterior mood board tab along with a tab called ‘Things to make’ which is just pictures! My poor Mum really has her job cut out – not only has she got lots of signs etc to make and a few smaller floral bits – in addition to finishing the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses I’ve also got her making me honeymoon outfits too! Last night Becky and I were helping her unpick sequins on the bridesmaid dress cut outs… a therapeutic but time consuming process!  I’m sure everyone has a spreadsheet, but I wonder if there is a better way of managing all of the Wedmin and keeping track of everything. Trello is a tool I’ve used in a previous job – it’s essentially a task list with various boards, but I haven’t heard of anyone using it.

The only big things left to do are to book the chair hire (I’m not so keen on the brown ones that The Elvetham provide) and find the boys suits, by boys I mean: Ryan, our Dads, Best Man and Ushers. I think it looks really nice when the whole grooms party is matching and am super excited to see our Dad’s all dressed up and looking handsome! Suit shopping is going to be SO much fun, even though Ryan is very particular (yet somehow really indecisive haha). He doesn’t want to start looking into it yet, so I’m patiently waiting *eye roll*.

Setting dates against all of the items on the to do list has made such a massive difference and I feel completely on top of everything now – pheeeew! I think February is going to be a lot quieter and I’ll try not to spend the whole month obsessing about the wedding … only 193 days to go!

wedding <- spot Ryan haha!

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