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Wedding Nightmare #1

Wedding Nightmare #1

I’ve heard about people having wedmares, nightmares about their wedding day, and although I’ve had a few odd dreams, there hasn’t been anything too traumatic.


That was until last night when I woke up at 3.16 expecting to be at The Elvetham, soaking wet with a mud stained wedding dress and Ryan with a pot of Peppa Pig yoghurt all over him. Thankfully, I was tucked up in bed with my husband-to-be snuggled in! Still, I struggled to settle and get back to sleep.


The nightmare started off normally and it was a lovely sunny day. Mum, the girls and I were up early and waiting for the make-up artist / hairdresser, but when she arrived she was a colleague I have only ever spoken to once, not the MUA lady whose work I had studied and who I eventually booked. Suddenly, the girls and my Mum were ready and it was 12.30 pm, the time of our ceremony – I was still in my dressing gown with a puffy, ugly morning face and wild, frizzy bed hair. “It’s ok, the bride is always fashionably late”, I was comfortingly told – it was now 1.20 pm. Just as that sentence was finished and my Customer Service colleague began sweeping a powder brush over my cheeks, the skies opened and torrential rain poured. I glanced out of the window to grey skies, to the beautiful Elvetham gardens resembling a swamp and cried. With mascara streaks down my face and now suddenly in my wedding dress and shoes, I ran down stairs, still crying and in the most dramatic fashion, made my way outside to determine exactly how wet it was and if the torrential rain was bad enough to ruin our outdoor ceremony. Immediately my heels sunk and my dress absorbed the brown mud surrounding me. Soaked, with hair stuck to my face, looking like the girl from The Ring, and in a brown wedding dress (still crying of course), I marched inside and through to the Oak Room (the Oak Room is where our ceremony will be held if it’s too wet or windy on 11th August). With Ryan at the other end of the altar, and the guests now all seated, I asked Ryan why he’d let our wedding coordinator move the ceremony inside and advised, through childlike sobs, that the rain wasn’t that bad and we could still get married in the Summer House. Next thing I know we’re all sat down on long tables, somewhere that isn’t The Elvetham, and Ryan is eating a Peppa Pig yoghurt from a baby spoon – I’m still crying. Devastated, I proceed to flick the bottom of the yoghurt pot and the yoghurt spills out all over him…Then I woke up.


Poor Ryan (if you read this, I’m sorry and I love you!)


It was still on my mind as I woke up and I had to remind myself that I wasn’t actually in a bad mood with my husband-to-be! As I remember this little nightmare with the sun rising beautifully outside my window, I appreciate it really isn’t actually that scary and the terror definitely does not translate, but crikey, in that moment, in the dream, I was so upset.


I’m writing about this knowing that it makes me sound a little insane but I feel comforted knowing I am not the only bride-to-be having crazy, bridezilla nightmares or dreams, courtesy of the Love My Dress Facebook Group. As I recounted the details to my Parents this morning, I couldn’t stop laughing – I guess I am actually super concerned about the weather! It’s funny how things from your daily life creep into your dreams; I’d had a random meeting / lunch with the colleague that was doing my make up, Ryan had told me a funny story about someone tipping a plate of drinks and spilling them and Viki had sent me a picture of a Peppa Pig yoghurt.


Nightmare # 1 has been fairly timid in comparison to some stories I have heard and so, I look forward to seeing how these nightmares develop as we get closer and closer to the big day… 128 days to go!


This post felt a bit sad so thought I’d pop in a funny pic … this glorious throwback from 2010 ♥

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