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175 days to go … Wedding Invites: Tick

175 days to go … Wedding Invites: Tick

This week has been a bit of a weird week, I haven’t been feeling too well so have been in and out of the office and not been to the gym – really looking forward to getting back to normality! I did, however, finaaaaaaaaaally finish our wedding invites and order the printing **gulp**. I was super nervous about making mistakes, the invites not coming out how I’d hoped, setting the printing parameters incorrectly etc. It has been fun, but it was a little scary. It was also a lot more time consuming than I’d expected, future brides be prepared!


I spent ages scrolling (pretty much daily for 3 weeks) through Etsy for templates but eventually chose a fairly simple design from Bliss Boutique. The only colour we’re having at the wedding is Gold (Bridesmaid dresses) so this limits us slightly in terms of matching the wedding invites and wedding website to the ‘theme’. There are so many beautiful templates on Etsy ranging from floral designs to art deco to calligraphy only, something for everyone and any theme…although it did make me wish that we had a colour at times – I am a sucker for a pretty floral design!


The range we chose also includes a Table Plan, Order of Service and Menu Card which was exactly what I wanted but we’ll order those a little further down the line. I like the idea of having everything in the same style, even though I’m sure no one else will notice. Buying the invitation package template from Bliss Boutique was super simple; we ordered a wedding invite, RSVP card and Details card. The file is transferred across to your Etsy account as soon as payment is made, you then download and edit in Adobe, save as a PDF ready for upload to your chosen printer – easy! A lot of Belles on the Love My Dress FB Group had used Printed so I ordered a card sample pack from them. The website isn’t exactly the most friendly website, it looks a little early 2000’s to be honest, but the sample pack looked good so we went ahead with them.


I literally started sweating as soon as the postman handed me the parcel – I’d placed the order on Monday night and they were delivered on Thursday, the fact it was so quick didn’t fill me confidence. When I opened it up, carefully pulling back the cellophane, I could see the wedding invite, the ‘Mr & Mrs’ gleaming at me, but I could only see 1 details card, no RSVP card – I panicked. It’s crazy how nervous you become about things. I was suddenly doubting myself, I must have placed the order wrong, uploaded the wrong file – I could literally hear Ryan helpfully commenting “how the hell did you manage that?”!


Wedding Invites


Thankfully, they’d just packaged it up weirdly (almost inducing a heart attack for no reason). Even though I didn’t design them, I felt so proud of our lovely little wedding invites, they were everything that we had hoped they’d be; simple and understated but classy and elegant. I found it really difficult not to spend the whole day looking at them and touching them. Today I’ve been to The Range and bought some gold ribbon (it isn’t really ribbon but I’ll show what they look like in another post once they’ve been sent out), along with a nice calligraphy fountain pen … I’m so excited to pop it all together this weekend and get them in the post to our wonderful friends and family. I am truly loving and embracing wedmin so far!


I’ve read that people have this “Christ, we are actually getting married” moment when they see their wedding invites, their names on paper along with the date. I didn’t have anything like that, I haven’t had that feeling at all yet and I can’t quite work out if that’s because it feels so normal and real or because it feels completely surreal and magical…175 days to go ♥


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