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Dress Doubts?

Dress Doubts?

We put the deposit down on ‘MY’ dress back in November and I haven’t tried it on again since. It’s only been 3 months so that’s not really a big surprise!

For a good month or so after choosing it I felt content but still excited – I’d randomly look at it and love it. I didn’t need to look at it all the time because I was happy and knew I loved it. But as the days pass and it gets further and further away from the first ‘wow this is the one’ moment, I’m starting to worry and doubt it. I sit at my desk scrolling through the pictures I have on my phone and laptop, switching between the 2 screens, zooming in and out like a narcissist.


There isn’t even anything about it I dislike or question, I still think it’s beautiful, but I don’t have the same confidence that it has the ‘wow’ factor (I cringe as I type those words – don’t judge me!). Mum has suggested I try it on again, and I guess that would be the obvious thing to do … but to be honest, as silly as it might sound, I’m a bit scared to! Reading wedding blogs and patrolling the Love My Dress Facebook Group, I know other ladies felt the same way at varying points up until the big day when they were fully glammed up and in their dress but I’m struggling to shake the little voice in my head!


I deleted all pictures of the other dresses I’d tried but now I feel like I want them back to compare. I’m sure Mum or the girls still have them, or at least some of them, but in this current state of dress confusion I’m not sure it’s wise to look back over them!  ‘My’ dress is due into Glamourous Gowns in May which is still so far away. I don’t know whether to hold out until it’s in the shop or if I should arrange an appointment and just brave it. I’m scared I won’t like it – it was the only dress in that particular style, with that type of material, that I liked so it really was pretty far removed from everything else I liked.

Wedding Dress … I don’t know who this Olivelli is but this quote is SO true ♥

I am trying to remember I picked it for a reason, to remember how wonderful it felt at the time and how excited I was. And when I imagine walking down the aisle, I can totally see myself in it – beaming with happiness.  I probably should delete the photos on my phone so I stop obsessing over them, but think it’s probably a bit late for that now.  It’s just such an emotional purchase and there is such a long period of time between purchase and the first fitting… argghhhh!

Dress shopping really was the most magically wonderful experience and I am slightly envious of all the Brides yet to pick ‘their’ dress.  Maybe I’m just missing the fun of trying on beautiful gowns and loving all of the fuss and prettiness, maybe I’m just totally overthinking the whole thing; the pressure on the dress, the pressure of wanting to Ryan’s breath away when he sees me for the first time – he isn’t a crier but I am still hoping for tears haha!!

Husband Cry Wedding

Tonight I am off out with Vik and Bec to a Wine and Cheese bar, the best type of bar and I am so excited to be getting a little dressed up and spending the evening with them ♥



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