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The Third Pregnancy Post: Month 5 Weeks 18 – 21

The Third Pregnancy Post: Month 5 Weeks 18 – 21

I’ve just realised there seems to be different views on which weeks correspond to which months – it’s bizarre, some sources say 5 months is 18-21 weeks, others 22-25. I’m just going to stick with the one that I’ve been looking at … below!

Twin Pregnancy

This has been an interesting month with lots of growing and changing. I am completely besotted with my bump, and each morning and afternoon I find I’ve lost 5 or 10 minutes just looking at it as I get ready for work or into my pj’s, turning in the mirror from side to side, checking from every angle, inspecting the growth. Shamelessly I’m always looking out for my reflection, it still astounds me that I now have this not-so-little bump and inside are 2 babies. As I type this blog all about our 5th month, it’s a Saturday morning and I’ve been awake since 5.56 feeling the babies, or baby – I can’t tell them apart just yet – kicking and turning. I’m almost 100% sure I haven’t had an uninterrupted nights sleep since before we got married; first it was endless peeing and bloating, and now its not being able to get comfortable, more peeing and being kicked … but, it’s as amazing as everyone says it is and is all preparing me for the sleepless nights to come when our babies make their arrival.

Over the last month there were times I thought perhaps this trimester would be worse for me than the first. I’ve noticed I seem to have 1 difficult week, 1 good week – I wondered if anyone else has noticed a similar pattern?

You’re having … 

This month we found out the gender of our babies. I’m going to do a separate post all about the excitement and how we shared the news to our families, but I’m pretty sure anyone likely to be reading this will already have seen the ‘reveal’ on Facebook or Instagram. It goes without saying that we were super happy to hear that both our little babies were growing nicely, both still healthy and playing well together but I’d be lying if I said a part of me wasn’t, somehow, even more excited when we found out their sexes (which may give it away haha!). 

The appointment lasted almost an hour as every little detail of each baby was checked. We came away with 8 black and white photos of our babies, playing (or fighting) – it was the sweetest moment seeing them reaching out for one another.

Pregnant with Twins


I’ve said it once, but I have to say it again … I am besotted with my bump. I love it. I love touching it. I love looking at it. I love rubbing it. I love other people touching it 😍 And now we’re getting real movement! I’ve been feeling the babies moving around in there for a few weeks, but for the first time on 9th December Ryan felt some big kicks and we managed to get a short video of one of their kicks, or heads or elbows (I have no clue), as it made my tummy pulse. For some reason I can’t upload the video, damn!

I’m always eagerly calling Ryan over, “put your hand here, quick”, “quicker”, “no here”, “you’re not in the right spot”, desperate for him to get in on the action and feel them. My bump seems to have exploded this month – during weeks 18/19 people were commenting daily that I seem to get bigger every single day… I haven’t been taking as many pictures as I should have been, so can’t really show the change from Month 4 to Month 5 but it feels pretty massive. I’ve really noticed that it’s starting to become a a little bit more difficult to pull and zip my boots up (or down), bending is a little more uncomfortable and I can feel my ribs are really starting to get in the way. So far my skin has managed to stay stretchmark free – I’ve been religiously applying Bio Oil so fingers crossed it keeps working all the way until D-Day! My bump is now bigger than my boobs, too – that felt like a big achievement as my boobs are just feeling ridiculously huge!



At the beginning of the month, the only things we’d bought were the 3 body suits from Next that we got after our 12 week scan. But now, now that we know their genders, I have bought some clothes… more about that in the next post 🙂 Mum and I spent a day in Southampton, most of which was spent in Mothercare looking at prams. I want to have all the essentials by the end of January, if possible. Since we found out we were having twins I’ve thought about prams alot, not in terms of fashion or style but practicality and emotionally. Since the beginning, I haven’t liked the practical one up, one down prams – the idea of picking a baby to put at the bottom, staring up at the other, where I can’t see them, just hasn’t felt right to me. I want to be able to see them both and for them to both be able to look out at sunny skies, or up at Ryan and I… not the canvas of the top carrycot, jealous of their sibling with the good views. Also, someone made a really good point… what if a dog comes along and pokes it’s head in there… na uh! So unfortunately, I will be one of those mothers with a huge pram, taking up all of the path and probably struggling to get in and out of doors. I’m fully prepared for the eye rolls, huffs and sighs that I’ve been assured will come in my direction!

 At the time, I was shocked by how big my bump looked! 

Since we found out we were pregnant, I’ve seen so many girls clothes that I love, they’re just so pretty and cute, but I haven’t managed to find many boys clothes that get me as excited. Thankfully, Mothercare and Mama’s and Papa’s stepped up to the plate with some very cute combo’s… as shown here by Mama J! I was so pleased to find something I liked, I had to take a picture and send it to Ryan!

Pregnant with Twins

I’m going to do another post on the things that I think we’ll buy and hopefully people will throw in some suggestions and a bit of advice 🙂 I have spent a lot of time looking and think I’ve got most things listed but I’m sure there are essentials I’ve missed!

At the beginning of week 19, after 3 weeks of feeling popping and swooshing, I hadn’t felt much movement at all over the weekend. I woke up on Monday morning to get ready for work and, somehow, literally got stuck on the loo. I had such an intense, sharp and deep, shooting pain all the way from my hip up into ribcage and couldn’t stand up. I called for Ryan but there was no waking him up, haha! He reluctantly went into work at my request – I wasn’t confident everything was fine, but I also hadn’t had any major signs of problems, so tried not to panic and get carried away being scared. I was in bed when there was a buzz at the door, I knew of course that it would be my Mum, even though I’d said I was fine, and didn’t need anyone to come over… mum’s are the best! I called the midwife at 9 and she told me to head into Frimley to the Day Assessment Clinic. They were really fast and in no time I was sat down, with 2 midwives and 2 dopplers prodding into me belting out the sounds of 2 heartbeats… both babies were fine. The midwives weren’t remotely worried by this random event, and I haven’t had it since… I guess that morning one of the babies was squishing a nerve! The prodding of the doppler must have aggravated them as the rest of the day they were swimming around lots, but it was nice to have that reassurance everything was fine, and for Mum to hear their heartbeats for the first time.

Not long after, we had the much awaited 20 week scan. Ryan and I had booked the day off work so we could celebrate and buy some clothes… but more on that in my next post!

Pregnant with Twins

Everyone loves a birth story
I started reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and it really is true that everyone, well all mothers anyway, love a birth story. I’d only ever heard horrible, gory and scary stories about birth but recently, I’ve spoken to 2 ladies at work who had the most wonderful stories to share, stories of empowerment, excitement, and love, not just post birth, but during labour, too. It’s helped me to start making a shift from being shi*t scared to realising that although it will be hard and probably not go to any kind of plan, when the day comes, it will actually be the day our babies are born, their birthdays forever and that is simply incredible.

Ina May’s book is really interesting and I’ll probably try to read it again nearer the time they’ll, hopefully, come – although most of the anecdotes are quite old which puts me off a little, not sure why. I’ll definitely be going through the Positive Birth Book again, it seems more relatable, I guess because a lot of the experiences are from women in the UK and are more recent – I think following the advice in the book and having a plan will help ease the control freak within me.

We have our NCT classes booked, and I’m going to try and get onto a Hynobirthing course, or at least listen to a few podcasts. We’re also headed off to the Baby Show at ExCel in March … hopefully the babies will still be all cosy inside and I won’t find it too difficult to waddle around the show, collecting my freebies and probably more gadgets and toys we won’t ever use.

Ryan watched his first episode of One Born Every Minute which was hilarious. It was actually a really good first episode to watch; 2 vaginal births for single babies and then 1 emergecny c-section for 28 week old twins. One of the natural births was the ladies second, she and her partner had used hynobirthing the first time and were using it again for their second birth. Ryan was quite surprised to see her on all 4’s, clinging on to a swiss ball, with the midwives sat right behind her watching, looking up, as everything was taking place… it was pretty graphic. The twins had to be born at 28 weeks due to a failing placenta; while one baby was growing fine, the other babies placenta was not performing and he was therefore at risk. Some people think having too much information can be negative or scary, but I prefer being aware and it gave us something to consider and prepare for mentally, to some extent.

I said in my last post using symptoms feels like I’m treating pregnancy like an illness which is something I don’t want to do. Instead, I’ll use changes … it’s also more broad! Since week 18 I’ve spent so much of my evenings bouncing up and down on our new lovely pink swiss ball – it has been a god send. My hips don’t seem to be able to withstand too much pressure, at any angle, without being painful or my legs going numb. The majority of this month I’ve been up early, leaving Ryan in bed, to go and sit in the front room on my ball watching some trashy tv. Ryan and I now have a new friend in our bed, too – Ryan calls it my life raft… a huge 12 foot U shaped pregnancy pillow. It helps me get comfortable in bed, supporting my hips and bump, all the while stopping me from sleeping on my back (which is actually bloody hard). I also now constantly have a blocked nose and have had a few nose little bleeds but more excitingly, I am starving. All. The. Time. I literally don’t seem to be able to eat enough. As I type that I remember writing in my last post that I needed to watch what I’m eating a little better and try to cut out the sugar … that hasn’t happened. It’s December next month too, so unlikely that I’ll be any better then either! More often than not I’ll have dinner, but then have to have toast or another snack an hour or so later. I was watching my weight at the gym, just to try to track it, but the scales broke (not my doing!) so I haven’t been able to see where I’m at for a while. I have noticed my face is definitely getting chubbier, as are my arms…damn!

You often hear about women who have had crazy cravings but I haven’t’ had any at all throughout my pregnancy so far, I’m just eating the same as I was before the wedding diet, but I wonder if that will change the closer we get to the big day.

One thing I hadn’t expected … it is now impossible to have a relaxing, comfortable, bath. One evening my hips were pretty sore so I lit all my candles and ran a bath with some Epsom salts. When I got in the bath, the worlds most shallow bath ever by the way, I couldn’t get comfortable – every position was awkward; laying down my back was too arched, unsupported – laying on one side wasn’t an option. I ended up getting out and having a shower instead, so if anyone mummies out there have any bath tips or tools that make it easier, let me know … I love a bath!

Gym Life

I’ve started going to the gym more often and, although it isn’t anywhere near the level of activity I’m used to, it feels good to be doing something 3 times or so a week and stretching out a bit after a day behind my desk. To begin with I felt really self conscious and was really unsure about what I could and couldn’t do, it felt really odd to be so slow and big at the gym. I follow Emily Skye on Instagram and saw that she really struggled to keep working out at all so I’m just glad my body has at least been able to continue doing something, even if it is just squats and arm / shoulder weights.

Pregnant with Twins

I’m going to keep trying to gym for as long as I can, not only because it’s good for the babies but in the hope it will give me a little more strength to get through labour, too. Will see how that pans out, haha!

Whats next?
The average twin pregnancy is 36 weeks which would mean our twins arriving around March 23rd. I feel like all I’ve said this year is that I can’t believe how quickly time is passing but it really is flying by – we’ve been excited for the 20 week scan, and then Christmas and buying our first home but I think it’s because we’re going from week to week thankful for the babies making it to another milestone. Every passing week makes everything feel a little more real …once we get to 24 weeks, I think I’ll either go into panic mode or feel safer, I’m not sure which.

As I finish this off, Christmas has been and gone, and we’re getting ready to move into our new house. I’m currently sat on our bed, with Ryan holding my tummy, snuggled into my side, feeling the babies kicking. I love these moments, and every day he does or says something that, somehow, makes me even more excited to see him with them, to see him look at them and hold them for the first time, to watch how they’ll adore him, and how he’ll adore them. These are the moments I’ll need to remember when I’m sat in a vomit stained top, having not slept for god knows how long, listening to 2 screaming babies that won’t feed… can’t say i’m not realistic about what’s headed my way, right?!


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