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Honeymoon Adventures

Honeymoon Adventures

Honeymoon flights booked … eeeeeek!

We’re splitting our honeymoon between Santorini, Greece and Sorrento, Italy for 21 days of glorious sunshine and spectacular views ♥

Santorini Honeymoon
Sorrento Honeymoon


I always presumed we’d Honeymoon in the Maldives in an over-water bungalow but:

  • We wanted to go on Honeymoon straight after the wedding, loving the idea of waking up the morning after the wedding as Mr & Mrs Williams and jetting off into a sunset somewhere
  • We wanted sunshine and lots of it, no rain – not a single drop
  • One of my lovely friends is getting married in Sorrento on 31st August and we wanted our honeymoon to coincide

We very nearly booked a luxurious over-water bungalow in the Maldives, planning to come home and then fly back out to Sorrento for the wedding. Eventually we decided against it because August is typically the wet season. Knowing what I’m like, I’d be so disappointed if we spent all of those pennies on our first trip to the Maldives and it rained – even on honeymoon, I think I’d still be sad! We’ll save the Maldives for a Birthday or New Year getaway.

Santorini and Sorrento, however, will see no rain! Both are so incredibly beautiful, totally unique, effortlessly romantic and magical. We will be in Santorini for 12 nights and Sorrento for 9 – I cannot wait. We plan on hiring a car so that we can drive around and have the freedom to explore, chasing the most romantic sunrises and sunsets. While we’re in Santorini I think we will book a private villa instead of a hotel, we like the authenticity of being in the heart of a town instead of a touristy spot. However, when we’re in Sorrento we’ll want to be near all of my friends so will probably book into a hotel in the heart of the beautiful town centre or up in the mountainside. I’ve been to Sorrento before and cannot wait to share it with Ryan, there’s so much to see and do and the food is just amaaaaazing – he is going to love it.

This is the extent of our planning so far, we’ve spent a little bit of time looking at accommodation but haven’t really given it the attention we perhaps should have … more to follow on that front!

Just thinking about that feeling of waking up in the morning as a married couple, Mr & Mrs Williams, makes me shiver with giddy anticipation. I just cannot wait to make all of these wonderful memories and share these amazing experiences with Ryan…


It’s only 259 days until we the big day and I cannot understand how time is moving so quickly – the months seem to pass faster and faster…







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