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The Fifth Pregnancy Post: Month 7 Weeks 27 – 30

The Fifth Pregnancy Post: Month 7 Weeks 27 – 30

We’re officially in our third trimester, whoop whoop – good job Babies 🙌🏼! Wednesday is our bumpdate day, the day when we reach another milestone. Today’s milestone: 30 weeks! In my mind I’ve always had 28 weeks as the most important date, a safety marker. With every week that passed and brought us closer to the 28 week mark, my belief, and relief, has grown, although I don’t think I’ll be able to feel completely safe until they’re here (and then that’s a whole other world of fear) but more on that later. As we have a shortened pregnancy thanks to Frimley’s twin policy, at the point of typing we only have to wait 8 weeks (max) until we meet our little girls. I randomly had an image the other day of one of the babies being lifted up and shown to us, but said baby had a little something extra between its legs… what a surprise that would be 🙊

It feels like everything is coming together, we’ve moved into our new home and are more settled with every crazy, chaos filled weekend that passes, slowly adjusting to the somewhat hazy thoughts of life with 2 babies.

The Girls

Along with my expanding stomach (and 3rd chin), the change in movements has been the biggest thing we’ve noticed this last month – you can see them moving through my stomach and at times it changes from a normal bump to a warped circle. Their movements are a lot more pronounced, instead of random kicks or flutters, I can feel rolls, turns and limbs – every feeling lasts longer. Now instead of shouting at Ryan to hurry to try and catch any flutter, he only has to hold my tummy and something is going on – they’re busy babies. Towards the end of last month and the beginning of this month, they were moving more at night but as we’ve progressed they’ve started distracting me majorly throughout the day and I catch myself talking out loud to them at my desk at work, as I would at home.

As much as I know they’re there, I’ve seen them on the screens, I still can’t quite believe that I have 2 babies growing inside me. 2 miniature humans with brains, lungs, stomachs… eye lashes. It’s unbelievable. 

Since we moved out of the flat and into our new house we’ve been on a bit of a baby shopping spree – we’ve now have the bedside cot, nursery cots, drawers, a hanging rail, pram, car seats, rocking chairs, a sling, a breastfeeding wearable and more to accompany our lovely chair! I was super excited when our bedside cot was delivered. I love the idea of co-sleeping and the Tutti Bambini CoZee ticked all the boxes. We’re hoping they’ll be best of friends and want to share the CoZee – plus it will be really cute, and easier for us!

Hampshire Twin Pregnancy Blog Hampshire Twin Pregnancy Blog

But the most exciting news … Ryan has finaaaaaaaaally agreed to paint! I’d bought lots of samples to test but we haven’t got around to actually putting them on the wall to compare. Ryan has a day off tomorrow so he decided that would be the best time to paint, since the babies and I won’t be around the fumes… this meant a last minute trip to Homebase today to pick an un-tested colour… fingers crossed we like it! I am SO excited to get home from tomorrow and see it. All that will be left then is the final bits to decorate, shelves, prints, lampshade and a few cute wall stickers I’ve seen on Etsy.

When it’s all done I’m going to do a nursery post with lots of pictures … I can’t wait for it to be ready, even though they won’t be in there for a little while.


This month we’ve had our 28 week consultant and standard midwife appointments. At 28 weeks the babies were both growing in line with one another and both weighed a healthy 2.3lbs – according to The Bump app, they are now the length of zucchinis! Since our 24 week scan, their little heads had grown a whole 5cms each. I know 5cms doesn’t sound like a lot but it astounded me. They’ve gained one whole pound each in weight, weight which is spread across their growing brains and fat cells among other things… it’s funny that they weigh such a tiny amount and yet I’m over here weighing in at 11.4 (a week ago!).  I was particularly nervous about this appointment because I knew there was a chance that, as with many twin pregnancies, one of the babies growth could have slowed or stalled. Whilst the likeliness of that in twin pregnancies like ours (where each baby has their own sac and placenta) is smaller, it was still playing on my mind. I find in the days before and in the moments of the scan, I’m reminded, even more so, how lucky I am, how desperately I want everything to go smoothly and how precarious the situation is – in a second your whole life can change. Being pregnant really feels like the biggest miracle and blessing.

The inevitable topic of birth was raised and, this time, in no uncertain terms we were explicitly told “a c-section will be safer for your twins”. I felt like that statement was quite hard to argue with. Additionally, when it comes to weighing up the two options, there are so many things that could happen in a twin natural birth that would lead us to a c-section anyway. The worst of both words would of course be delivering one naturally and then having to have a c-section for the second. As the scan showed that twin 1 is engaged, presenting in the correct position, but twin 2 is transverse, laying across the underneath of my ribs, it makes that last scenario more likely should we go for natural.

I came away from the appointment with his words replaying over and over, I couldn’t choose an option that was deemed less safe so we would go ahead and book the c-section. He’d asked then and there in the appointment if we wanted to book a date but that just felt too clinical and rushed, I needed a little bit of time to process and accept that as my decision. I met with my midwife earlier this week and we spoke about the consultant appointment, as my preference had always been for a natural birth and I have concerns re delayed cord clamping and ensuring skin to skin contact specifically, she has arranged for the consultant midwife to give me a call to chat through things in a little more detail. After the consultant appointment I felt like I just wanted to book it so the decision was made, but after advice from my midwife, I’m going to wait until our next scan at 32 weeks and see how the babies are laying. If they are still in the same positions, we’ll book a c-section, but if they’re not and they’re both engaged, I think I’d like to wait and see what happens.

And so it begins, the last trimester!

I was 8stone 10lbs at our 8 week appointment and now I’m weighing in at 11stone 4lbs. When I stood on the scales and watched as the number went up, and up, and up, finally stopping at 11.4, I  couldn’t stop chuckling. People constantly comment on how small I am, considering I’m pregnant with twins, but I feel pretty massive – Ryan and I look at my bump and think its biiiiig (something I didn’t know prior to meeting pregnant people, some women HATE being told they have a small bump just as much as they hate being told they have a big bump). My belly button is nearly no more and I’ve noticed over the last week that my rings are tighter, my watch strap has had to be moved to the next hole, and the honeymoon anklet I’ve been wearing digs in at certain angles where it didn’t before. I take my rings off at night now, just incase. I’d hoped I’d avoided it but … the swelling is definitely kicking in 🐳

Hampshire Twin Pregnancy Blog … getting some pretty funny / concerning looks at the gym these days! 

Not only am I heavier, slower and far more cumbersome, I’m having trouble adjusting to the many new limitations that brings – bending, sitting, lifting, turning, twisting… being on your feet for longer than an hour – which in turn makes the usual discomfort of being heavier, slower and more cumbersome, even worse. Generally, everything has been completely manageable and I’ve been lucky enough to still feel pretty good but this last weekend, after a few sleepless nights, I stretched myself a little too far with 2 busy days over the weekend (I am aware that sounds pathetic). I felt so awful that I worried this was just how it was going to be now that I’d officially entered the third trimester. I was in bed surrounded by 2 large pillows, the 12 ft pregnancy pillow, 3 cushions, and a hot water bottle just to try and get comfortable and relieve the pain. I remember looking over at Ryan who was right on the edge of the bed, feeling momentarily bad for him but getting over it pretty quickly as he looked overly comfortable. This was the first time that I’ve really complained (Ryan may disagree) and was genuinely worried – what if this was it for the next 7 weeks?! That said, even when I’ve woken up for the 3rd time in 2 hours, just feeling one of the babies moving or turning, makes me smile and gives me a warm feeling.

The only issue I’ve had has been rib and hip pain – my right rib is constantly uncomfortable, aching, numb or tingling (it doesn’t sound particularly bad does it?! But somehow it really is) and my left hip is the same as soon as I am laying on it for any length of time. Both wake me countless times throughout every night resulting in constant tossing and turning – tossing and turning is actually another one of those things you don’t really think about until suddenly you can’t do it easily … much like when you realise you now waddle instead of walk (generally with one hand holding your back).

Pre pregnancy I couldn’t understand why pregnant women always waddled (apologies if anyone finds that term offensive, not sure how else to describe it) and why they could never cross their legs… but now I get it. It’s impossible. It’s impossible not to waddle, it’s impossible to cross your legs, or even close your legs with any level of comfort. I look down at myself on my chair at work and am, literally, sat with my legs as wide as they possible can be spread.

 15 weeks V 30 weeks 🤰🏻

The Babies Are Coming

They have so much more growing to do I am starting to wonder where I’m going to fit them – how much further can my stomach stretch, how long will they be comfortable in there? We really want them to stay cosy and safe inside until at least 36 weeks so we can, hopefully, bring them straight home. But as we get closer, although I feel more confident that should they come early they would be safe, I’m also consciously pleading with myself to be exactly what they need, willing my body to give them as much space as they need to make a pre 36 week arrival less likely. I know that realistically I have no control over any of that so I try not to think about it too much and go with a whatever will be will be attitude (not something a control freak that loves to plan is very good at!).

We’ve had 4 of our 5 NCT classes and have really enjoyed them. This week we looked at breastfeeding and post natal depression. The talk of breastfeeding and how often a baby needs to be fed was another reminder that we have no idea how logistically this is going to work with twins. I tend to think practically and plan, but in this instance it seems a bit pointless with so many factors outside of our control – another situation where I need to change my attitude and just go with it…😬

Our hospital bags are packed, it’s just the things we use daily that haven’t been popped in the cases. This was one thing I could have a little control over and it felt so nice to finally have it done, just incase. I had so many helpful tips from everyone which was amazing, thank you all!

Being pregnant has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me, I just love it. I still look down at my body, or at my reflection, and am stunned at how amazing our bodies are. Seeing myself waddle, getting stuck in the sofa and having to be hoisted out, finding countless crumbs or stains on my tops, it all makes me laugh.  I know I’ll miss my bump when it’s gone (even though I’ll actually be able to snuggle the babies). I want to savour the moments of Ryan’s eyes lighting up when he feels them and the excitement in his voice when he talks about bringing them home, or of seeing them in their bouncing chairs, looking up at us. This is such a wonderful journey and as we get closer to the babies being here, I want to keep embracing and enjoying every part of it as much as I can.

Finally I want to end this post with a big thank you to everyone that not only reads these posts (which somehow seem to be getting longer?!) but who comments, gives advice and tips – it’s so helpful and I love chatting away with you all 🙂

Lots of Love

Hayley & the Babies ❤️

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