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The Engaged Life – 6 months on…

The Engaged Life – 6 months on…

I apologise in advance for a soppy post, but if a girl can’t be soppy when she’s engaged, when can she?!

This time 6 months ago I’d lost the capacity to speak, or move, as I saw Ryan down on one knee and heard him ask the words I’d dreamed of hearing “Will you marry me?”. I thought he’d taken me away for the night as we hadn’t spent much time together due to work, stag do’s and hen do’s.

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That moment is one that I think of almost every day, a moment I feel so thankful for and that makes me feel so lucky. It’s easy to get caught up in planning a wedding and forget where it all started. I still find it crazy that Ryan saved up, planned and actually asked – even though he knew I would say yes, I imagine it was still quite nerve-wracking. I can’t describe the way it makes me feel – it’s something like falling in love all over again, but better. I know it happens every day, people are always getting engaged but the feeling, that moment, will always be one of the most amazing and surreal moments of my life. Life is all about the moments and memories you make – I’ll cherish that weekend forever.

6 months later…

The months have never gone so fast, it’s been a complete whirlwind and, almost every day that passes I have a pang of complete contentment. Life just feels like it couldn’t really get any better – in this very moment, quite literally, I have everything I could ever want. I feel lucky and so blessed.  I can’t wait to marry Ryan, I have the best, most loving and generous family, and a group of wonderful friends.

Just as on the first day I was given my ring, I look down at it and smile as it glistens back up at me, daydreaming about the moment a wedding band is slipped on my finger, too. I can’t believe that in just 221 days Ryan and I will have said our vows! Every time we talk about it, I giggle. Sure, we bicker over the finer details, i.e. DIY decorations haha, but the last 6 months have been incredible – I have never known love or felt more love than that which I’ve experienced since getting engaged. One day in the future, I’ll hope to be sat down with my Grandchildren, scrolling through the posts in this blog, just as I did with my Granddad and his leather bound diary, reminiscing and being reminded of memories and feelings from unique time.

Here’s to the next 6 months being equally incredible, if not better!  Time is going too fast and I don’t want this adventure to end… but then again, I guess it won’t … we have a whole lifetime together!

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