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The Elvetham, Food, Wine and Pretty Lights ♥

The Elvetham, Food, Wine and Pretty Lights ♥

On Tuesday night Ryan and I had our Menu and Wine tasting evening at The Elvetham – 4 months to the day until THE DAY, 11th August! We were both really looking forward to it and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

The Elvetham Wedding

The weather recently has been absolutely amazing. As we drove up the long driveway set among the willow trees, the sun glistened through the branches and sparkled on the stream – it really is such an impressive drive up to the hotel, I just love it. The whole evening made me so excited, it’s crazy to think that in just under 4 months, we’ll be getting married, like actually getting married, Husband and Wife! No matter how many times I say it, I just can’t believe how quickly time is passing – 9 months ago we were here viewing it as a possible venue, falling in love walking around the gardens and now, we’re 120 days away!


We walked through the hotel to the Conservatory where we’ll be having our Wedding Breakfast and partaaaaaay – Ryan was a little disappointed we didn’t get a champagne reception ha ha (and people say I’m high maintenance!). We were shown to our seat by Val and given a pen and piece of paper to review the options we’d previously chosen. By the way, this is surprisingly difficult, there are only so many ways you can review food, all we could come up with was ‘full of flavour’, ‘delicious’ and ‘tender’. I now have a much deeper appreciation of Food Critics.


We were sat at the back of the conservatory next to the windows so had a perfect view of the gardens, it was now 7.30 and the sun was still shining brightly. We were chatting away when Ryan noticed that in the background they were playing acoustic Disney songs, can you feel the love tonight to be specific, what more could you want from an evening?! As we sat in the conservatory it gave us an opportunity to actually imagine what it will be like on the day, how the tables will be placed and other little things – Ryan started thinking about his speech! It’s such a lovely room, light and spacious but still cosy and intimate. I can’t wait to be sat at the top table and seeing all of our family and friends, hopefully, enjoying yummy food, drinking and laughing!


The Elvetham The Elvetham Wedding


All of the meals were scrummy, (I think I may have actually used scrummy to describe my starter ha ha) and I think we chose meals that everyone would like – fingers crossed anyway! As I’m a vegetarian, Ryan was given the option to choose 2 mains to try – safe to say he was feeling pretty full afterwards, but that of course didn’t stop him eating his pudding selection, half of mine and then having a coffee haha. By this time the sun had set and it was dark outside, we went for a little stroll out to the tree lit up with fairly lights and then out to meet our taxi, aka Mum.


The Elvetham  The Elvetham


The evening was so lovely and it was nice to actually spend quality time with Ryan mid-week as usually we’re pretty busy in the evenings. Since Ryan’s chosen his suit, I seem to look at him and imagine seeing him in it, imagine seeing him on the day, everything just feels so exciting right now – like my emotions are super charged! I’m going to be on the biggest come down ever after the honeymoon is over **queue eye roll*… I don’t want it to end 🙁


Love Elvetham Wedding

This weekend Mum and I are off to Ava Louise Bridal as my dress has been delivered – I’m feeling a tad nervous, not because I think I won’t love it, I know I will, I’m nervous because when I chose it I intended on losing weight and toning up and my diet and exercise regime this week has not been on point! Hopefully I won’t regret choosing a dress where I need to work to look how I want to look in it – eek! Plenty of time, right?

120 days to go!


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