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So that’s why I’ve been so out of breath!

So that’s why I’ve been so out of breath!

We’d decided to wait until Monday to do a test, by which point I would have been over a week late. We’d just got married, were on honeymoon and I thought perhaps it was all of the excitement of the last few weeks doing funny things to my body. As soon as we got to Santorini I was having trouble sleeping, couldn’t get comfortable and when I did finally drift off it wasn’t long before I was awake again needing a wee. My boobs hurt, and were super sensitive to the cold air conditioning Ryan insisted we have on, but that’s normal when it’s the time of the month. My back was getting sore too but we put this down to sleeping on an unusual mattress that wasn’t our own and driving around the pot hole ridden roads on a quad bike. Santorini is bloody hilly with lots of steps, it’s impossible to get anywhere without encountering an epic hill at some point (epic may be a slight exaggeration) and I was starting to get out of breath all the time. I was reluctant to say anything to Ryan but towards the end of the week I was very confused, “surely I haven’t lost my fitness in the space of 2 weeks?”!

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The day before we took the test we’d walked/marched up a volcano and then up what felt like 10,000 stairs to the top of Thirassia, a tiny island that used to be part of Santorini, preeruption. I found it hard, very hard – I’m pretty sure I snapped and threw evil looks at Ryan the whole time as he seemed to breeze his way to the top. I’d randomly run a 10k, the first in over a year, just 3 weeks ago and felt pretty good – now I couldn’t even walk up some steps without having to take a break to ease my pounding, racing heart.

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The next day we picked up a test from Fira and took our little quad bike down to the Red Beach; a 15 minute trip to park up and then a small, but rocky and unstable, walk down to the beach. It was so hot and busy, there wasn’t much space to relax but the water was a lovely colour and so inviting on a scorching day. We didn’t even talk about what the results could be, even though I was late I don’t think we thought it actually could be what it could be. We got back to our hotel about 2 in the afternoon and I took the test. I’d add a picture in of the test but that may be a bit OTT so instead, pics of Big Willow…😍

Twin Pregnancy BlogTwin Pregnancy Blog<< e result was in Greek so I was a little unsure if I'd read it wrong, if somehow Google had translated it wrong, or it was just an old broke test but there it was, a dark, strong blue cross showing we were pregnant. Ryan had a stunned look on his face and his beard was getting a particularly ferocious stroke. I was completely gobsmacked and incredibly excited. After calling Mum, then Dad, and messaging our family Whatsapp group and telling Vik and Bec, I started googling (and haven't really stopped!). As I was reading it all made sense, I hadn't lost any fitness - being out of breath is a common feeling during the first trimester. How didn’t I know this?! I thought women just felt sick, or were sick, and that was it – I hadn’t felt sick at all, just had the usual discomforts, and so wasn’t expecting a positive result. Had we given it a few more days, I would have known. The sickness hit me 2 days later when we were 5 weeks pregnant.

I felt sick, was severely bloated, my tummy was tender, it was difficult to eat or drink, and I was struggling even more with getting out of breath. This continued throughout the next 2 weeks and although we did most of what we wanted to do and had an amazing time (I mean it’s impossible not to enjoy views and sunsets like this) everything was getting progressively worse, and felt harder, more uncomfortable and I was so, so tired. The last week of our honeymoon was in Sorrento, and I’d booked a table at La Sponda, an amazing restaurant in Positano. Positano is approx half an hour away from Sorrento so we hired a car and drove the winding roads of the Amalfi Coast – it was absolutely incredible. For the first time on our honeymoon, I was awake past 10pm – but it wasn’t easy and I was yawning a lot. I was very proud that I’d managed to stay awake the whole journey back to our hotel too, albeit simply because I was scared Ryan would somehow drive us off the edge of the Amalfi Coast 😂 It was so dark and the Italians are lunatics on the road (sorry, not sorry!).

Twin Pregnancy Blog   Twin Pregnancy BlogTwin Pregnancy Blog  Twin Pregnancy Blog On the day we found out, we’d planned to spend the evening in Oia – Ryan was very conscious of having pregnant Hayley on the quad bike and now I was being pre-warned as we approached the potholes in the road. As we drove out I felt so emotional and so overcome with happiness; we’d just got married and shared the best day of our lives with our family and friends. We were on an island with a breathtaking view whichever way you looked. And now, we were pregnant. As I held on to Ryan, the sun setting around us, life couldn’t get any better, we couldn’t be any more lucky or blessed. Even though it meant our Honeymoon had to be adapted, we had the best time and were both so excited for what the future could hold and what the next few months had in store.

I wouldn’t change any of it for the world ❤️

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