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Say Yes To The … Shoes and Mother of The Bride Dress

Say Yes To The … Shoes and Mother of The Bride Dress

Saturday was one of my favourite days, ever. Since getting engaged there have been quite a few of them, days that feel magical and breathtakingly exciting. I had a message from Ava Louise Bridal confirmg my dress has been delivered and was now ready for me to check over and pay the balance, making it officially my dress! This meant a drive down to Southampton which led to an incredibly successful, spontaneous shopping trip into West Quays.

The day started with Bootcamp, followed by a Family PT session at Matt Goddard Fitness – I’ve been having PT’s with Matt every Saturday for the last 3 months but it was a nice little surprise when Mum and Dad came along, too.

Hampshire Fitness Wedding Bootcamp

Mum and I headed off to Southampton, and for the first time we weren’t late! We’ve been to Ava Louise Bridal twice before and on both occasions we were late because, somehow, I’d got the times wrong. We were early for what would, hopefully, be our last appointment so popped into a cute little cafe across the road. Mum showed me a Karen Millen Mother Of The Bride dress she had seen, along with some other Ronald Joyce, Condici and Ian Stuart outfits. Since our theme is white and champagne / gold, ‘we’ want something that will be in keeping and on the same colour palette so it matches with the suits Ryan has chosen for the grooms party.

I was so excited to see my dress but, even though I wanted to, I didn’t try it on again. I decided to hold out until the 17th when I have my first fitting – 27 days away! As soon as it came out of the bag I had this overwhelming sense of completion, like I had no doubts that I’d made the right choice and I was utterly in love with the dress in front of me. I haven’t had any doubts since I bought it, just a few thoughts that perhaps it is a little plain, but even then, I always come back to how much I love it. And anyway, I think every bride has some sort of doubt or concern, simply because there is so much self-imposed pressure on the chosen dress. My dress stays with the boutique and they’ll deliver it to the seamstress for the fitting, but I left happily with my beautiful veil all boxed up in a pretty Ava Louise bag. It’s small things like this that I really like – it makes me think about how I’d manage a boutique, haha! I wonder how many brides think “oooh, I’d love to have a Wedding Dress Boutique!”? I’ve thought it quite a few times!

Hampshire Wedding Blogger  Hampshire Wedding Blogger

Oh, if you haven’t already, you HAVE to watch the Pronovias Fashion Show 2018 … it’s just AH-MAZE-ING!

The weather was a tad precarious but Mum thought that while we were in Southampton, we should pop into West Quays and have a look around for shoes. We were half way when the skies opened up and soaked us – I was less than amused, worrying that somehow the rain would get into the box and ruin my veil! As we wandered around to get our bearings, we saw a Karen Millen shop and there in the rail in front of us, the very first thing to catch our eye, was the dress Mum had shown me less than an hour earlier. It was like fate. Excitedly she picked it up and we marched to the changing rooms like women on a mission.

It fit absolutely perfectly and Mum’s face lit up when she saw her reflection. She knew straight away she wanted it. The lady bought out a pair of heels and they sealed the deal, we were both so excited! When the ladies in the shop asked if the dress was for anything special, her face lit up as she told them it was her Mother of the Bride dress for her daughter’s wedding, pointing at me. As soppy as it sounds, these are the little things I want to remember, her beaming face and happy smile as she proudly chats away to strangers. I love that Mum had ‘a moment’, like when a bride finds ‘the one’. We left the shop grinning and headed into John Lewis to check out the shoes and fascinators.

Mum had done her usual thing of wandering off in the opposite direction but when I turned around to look for her, I saw her holding a shoe with a big smile on her face. The closer I got, the more excited I became – I don’t think I’ve taken boots and socks off so quickly, I couldn’t wait to pop it on! When the other shoe came and I had both on, I felt like Cinderella, even with the crazy, curly mop head of hair I was sporting – at one point I’m pretty sure I squealed. I’ve never really been a huge shoe person, I’ve never even spent more than £60 on shoes before, so this level of excitement was completely unexpected. I was wandering up and down in front of the mirror like I was in a catwalk or something, giggling away – the poor sales assistant chap must have thought I was mad.  Mum actually welled up a little – this didn’t happen once in all of the 100+ dresses I tried on, haha! They weren’t expensive at all, I’ve never heard of the brand… they were just completely perfect **inserts eye heart emoji”!

Hampshire Wedding Blogger

We headed back to Mum and Dads feeling very pleased with ourselves. I couldn’t wait to show Becky our purchases! When I showed Ryan the shoes, he commented “are you going to be able to walk in them?” followed by, “this has broken ankle written all over it”. Haha, valid comments, I have injured ankles so am definitely going to have to wear them in and around the flat to get used to them for sure, but they’re so worth it! Viki assures me I won’t even notice sore, tired feet on the day because the adrenaline will be pumping… eeeeek!

81 days to goooooo …

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