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Lights, Camera, Action – Videographer Booked!

Lights, Camera, Action – Videographer Booked!

Having a videographer is one of the things I have been most excited about and most insistent upon – we finally booked ours a couple of weeks ago and I am SO excited.

Quite a few people have told me that deciding to book a videographer was the best decision they made. Ryan, however, wasn’t overly concerned. He thinks we’ll watch the video once and never again, so perhaps it’s not the best use of pennies. I couldn’t disagree more! I’ll definitely be watching it more than once – I can imagine myself at home while Ryan’s out playing golf, cozying down on the sofa, popping the video on, enjoying a tub of Ben and Jerrys, giggling and crying to myself (yep, I’m that girl – such a cliché).

I knew right away I wanted a videographer and knew exactly who I wanted – pennies permitting! A few months before Ryan proposed, I’d seen an old school friend’s wedding video shared on Facebook and was completely mesmerised by it. Maybe it’s because I had known the bride, or because I’d seen my own family wed in the same church and celebrate in the same village hall, or maybe it’s because I’m just generally an emotional person, I don’t know … but I cried most, if not all the way through! In an effortlessly romantic style the video perfectly captured a couple so in love and besotted with one another. I was so touched by it, I sent the link straight over to Ryan and our parents and demanded they stop whatever they were doing to watch it.

To cut a long story short, I spent a lot of time researching, checking out other videographers, their prices and packages to compare. In spite of how much I loved the video, a videographer is a big portion of the budget I felt I had to look around. I found a couple of other videographers whose work was similar in style but were a little cheaper; one was available but one who had been recommended by a friend wasn’t. As this wasn’t something Ryan thought of as a necessity, he wanted to go with the cheaper option. We were ready to go ahead and pay the deposit but it just didn’t sit right with me. Already I was concerned that it would be delivered and we’d be disappointed.

Because I was already uncertain, Ryan agreed we should go ahead with the videographers that resonated with me most … with that The Wedding Video Guys were booked! I was SO relieved – immediately my concerns vanished and the butterflies came zooming back with all the excitement. This is how I want to feel about every part of our wedding – its only going to happen once, I want to feel excited and passionate about everything that we choose. Luis was fantastic and helped us out with a tailored package that met all of our requests and also appeased Ryan. I have every faith that they will deliver above and beyond our expectations (even if it rains) and will be one of our best wedding investments!

Take a look at their wedding videos on their website – 🙂

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