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January’s Jobs

January’s Jobs

Time flies when you’re having fun

In my last post of 2017 I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at how quickly time was whizzing by and by what we still had left to do. I set myself a list of things to do by the end of each month. January:

  • Invites (ready to send)
  • Wedding Website
  • Cake
  • Flowers

That instantly made me feel better and a little more organised but throughout this week I seem to have added more and more to the overall list. My brain is literally incapable of thinking about anything other than our wedding!


The Cake and Flowers are 2 of the 3 biggest things we have left to organise, the 3rd being the Boys suits. Due to my current ‘oh my god there is so much to do‘ mood, I was super excited for my appointment at Moutan in Hartley Wintney. Mum, Becca and I met with the wonderful Charlotte to discuss my floral dreams – Mum and I have known Charlotte for a long time so it was a really nice, laid back and fun hour looking at pretty pictures. I am not remotely arty, imaginative or creative so I knew I would need other voices and opinions and Becca came up with some secret ace advice! Moutan have 2 beautiful shops, 1 in Hartley and 1 in Odiham –  we have always bought occasion flowers from them, they make beautiful arrangements and have the best service. I walk past the shop in Odiham most days and could spend hours smelling the flowers and looking at the gorgeous shop window! Moutan style The Elvetham, as well as servicing countless weddings they host, so I knew Charlotte was going to be the best person to advise me on what would work, what wouldn’t and if there was anything we should consider. I really would recommend a visit to Moutan if you are planning a wedding the local area.


I know how amazing the Conservatory looks filled with Moutan creations so I can’t wait to get our flowers finalised with them. I have found so many stunning bouquets and centerpieces on Pinterest – makes me wish I could work in the Florist industry!

Wedding BouquetWedding Flowers Wedding Flowers  Wedding Bouquet


On Sunday night Ryan and I had a little look through Not On The Highstreet and Etsy to look at invitation packs; invites, RSVP, details, belly bands and envelopes. I was surprised at how expensive they were – I hadn’t anticipated spending £300+, I was completely clueless and hadn’t factored that cost in to our budget at all. As part of the Love My Dress Facebook Group, I find so much support and inspiration! There have been a number of posts where brides have shared their invites and I’ve been gobsmacked to find that they’ve made them themselves! Recently a bride excitedly posted the most gorgeous floral invites, stating that she had designed them and wanted thoughts on the 2 types of font she had narrowed it down to. I’m so glad I saw this post because the wonderful bride was so helpful and provided so much information as to how she created the invites, tools she used etc – so, a huge thank you goes out to her ♥ This also shows how invaluable the LMD Facebook Group is, it’s full of the most helpful and lovely, ladies all sharing this wonderfully exciting journey.

I thought a Vector was a car? 

Like I say, I am not arty or creative – I am also not techy. As such, I knew nothing about these wonderful things called ‘Vectors’. I feel like I will be spending a lot more time with vectors generally throughout my life, creating all sorts of personalised gifts – I already have a few idea’s in mind for the wedding gifts! Anyway, vectors are basically digital images that are scalable without losing quality – you can get all sorts of vectors on Etsy; borders, flowers, the alphabet in various fonts, pictures of pets, pretty much anything. Once you’ve found the vectors you want, it’s just a case of creating your design in word, saving it as a PDF and then printing it – it sounds simple but as I found out yesterday afternoon, without having a creative bone in your body, it may be more of a challenge!

Invites 2 Invites

I spent the whole afternoon on Tuesday searching through Etsy, looking at all the different vectors and comparing to invites I’d saved on a Pinterest board to see if there was any chance at all I could replicate. I bought a couple of vectors, both alphabets in a gold italic font, to have a play with. The seller on Etsy sends a file which you download and then copy and paste each letter as required. Without giving too much away, we aren’t having a colourful day, we don’t have ‘a’ colour, or colour palette. This seems to be making it slightly more difficult as most of the vectors follow a theme; bright floral, rustic, shabby, boho, country, art deco. I know what I want, something simple, classy and elegant but finding that is proving a little trickier than I’d hoped!

Since I don’t want to be paying £300+, here’s hoping I can improve on the below attempt haha!




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