My Journey as a Newlywed into Motherhood

Hayley Williams … Mama to be

So I started this blog to write all about the fun of being engaged, planning a wedding and then finally, sharing the wonderful experience of saying my vows and marrying my husband – documenting all of my memories for my children, or grandchildren to read all about, one day. I enjoyed all of the moments since getting engaged, the big moments of picking a dress and going to Valencia on my Hen Do, through to the smaller moments of flicking through magazines on the sofa with my Mum and enjoyed writing about them and sharing the fun with other bride-to-be’s and friends.

I wondered what I’d do with this blog after the 11th August, what would I have to write about? I don’t have an incredible fashion sense or particular style, I can’t (don’t) cook, I’m not a Personal Trainer and I don’t have the funds to travel the world, all of which rules out the main types of blogs and means that my daily life is pretty standard. And I love it, I have a Husband and Family I adore, a job I enjoy, I go to the gym and devour food (good and bad) and catch up with my friends, life is very good… and has got even better.


As I type this, Ryan and I are 18 weeks pregnant with twins.


We are both so excited. This something that I have dreamed about my whole life and so, unsurprisingly, the blog moves from a wedding blog to a blog all about the journey to motherhood and life as a new wife. I can’t wait to look back at this with my family in years to come and read through the many chapters that will make our family story; the fun times, the challenges, the sad times, the wonder and the immensity of the love that’s building day by day.


Mum To Twins