My Journey as a Newlywed into Motherhood

Miss Goddard to Mrs Williams

It feels strange to write an ‘about me’ page as WordPress tells me to. But since I know very little about technology, I will do as I’m told!

So, Hello there… In the unlikely event you’ve stumbled across this blog without knowing me, I’m Hayley – daughter, sister, friend and now FIANCE!


I remember days with my Grandad, chatting about his memories as we flicked through his leather bound journals. The purpose of this blog was to have something to show my children, and in time my grandchildren. To have something that holds all of the little details, details I may forget, about what will be one of the most gloriously exciting times of my life.

I’m sentimental (as you may have guessed from the above), extremely open and am known to ‘float around with my head in the clouds’ – something I have been doing even more since getting engaged. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ll see I’m a girly girl but also a bit of a tomboy. I love romantic films (The Notebook), shopping (although I am usually poor), food and nice restaurants, and getting dressed up for nights spent dancing to old RnB music with my friends. I also love Boxing and occasionally enjoy a trip to the driving range. I have been blessed with amazing parents and the most generous, caring sibling. I am surrounded by lovely friends – some who are also starting their own exciting journeys into wedded life ♥

I plan to blog throughout this whole journey but if you’re interested in how we got engaged, check out my first blog post – Every Love Story is Beautiful … but Ours is My Favourite. I will be dedicating a blog to Ryan (a.k.a Big Willow) – he made all of this happen and definitely deserves his own post  😉

With only 347 days to go until we get married, there’s a lot more excitement to come, more memories and more blog posts.