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2016, you’ve been good to me but I can’t wait for 2017!

2016, you’ve been good to me but I can’t wait for 2017!

This year I’ve had my last Birthday and last Christmas as a Goddard.

There has been so much flying around that 2016 has been a horrendous year, but for me it’s been pretty special and full of wonderful memories; Seeing in 2016 in Times Square in New York as part of Ryan’s surprise 30th Birthday. Leaving a job that was seriously damaging my spirit and starting a new job in a lighter, happier environment. Becoming Vegetarian. Watching my incredible Dad turn 50 surrounded by all of his friends. Holidaying in beautiful Kefalonia with my family in a villa that was like something from cribs – experiencing my first Infinity pool. Enjoying a Hen Do in Barcelona and grew even closer to a gorgeous group of WAGS. Ryan proposing (and changing the whole course of 2016). Booking our Wedding Venue. Watching our friends get married in the most glorious day filled with love. Cheering on Ryan and Matt in the Basingstoke Half Marathon. Trying on my very first Wedding Dress with my Mama – followed by 99 more. Celebrating Eloise’s 1st Birthday and a year of laughter and unreal levels of cuteness with Viki and the girls. Having my last birthday as Hayley Goddard. A wondrous Christmas surrounded by our friends and families.

I guess, after 2nd July, the rest of the year was focused on planning our wedding. I’m sure people are already more than fed up with me and the amount I talk about weddings – maybe a New Years resolution should be to tone down the wedding chat? Although there’s only 221 days to go so I’m not sure that’s going to be achievable – the excitement is too much!

The biggest news is that Ryan finaaaaally got around to asking his Brother to be best man and his 2 best friends to be ushers, along with Matt. I’ve been nagging him to do this for months but, as with everything, he does it eventually – in his own good time! In hindsight, I wish I hadn’t told Matt he was going to be an Usher and had left it to Ryan to do – in my excitement I spoiled that a little for him.

Matt joked that next Christmas I would be a foreigner at the Goddard Christmas Day. I don’t feel sad or conflicted, as I did before, at the prospect of changing my name – after writing my I Like Your Last Name Can I Have It? post, I have fully embraced changing my name as the beginning of building our family together.

Today is New Years Eve and we’re going to be spending the night with 4 other couples; Ross & Sarah, Thom & Jess, Chris & Emily and Sam & Fi. It’s going to be such a fun night and I can’t wait to see in 2017 with such lovely people who are also super excited about what is it come in 2017.

2016 has been an amazing year and there are so many people and so much that I am thankful for. We are blessed with endlessly supportive family and friends and I can’t wait to go into another year sharing it with them all and making more amazing memories

New Year


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2 thoughts on “2016, you’ve been good to me but I can’t wait for 2017!”

  • What a lovely blog.Happy new year to you Hayley Goddard,soon to be Hayley Williams…….welcome yo the dark side……lol.

    It will be sup er exciting year and look forward to sharing with you and Ryan….and The G Rup.

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