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Forever Friends

Forever Friends

Friday night I had a wonderful night with my 2 best friends, MoH Viki and Bridesmaid Bec. We went to a wine and cheese bar and then Bec stayed at mine – in the morning we watched Dreamgirls which is one of my all time fave films #allhailqueenb (Viki and I will often sing ‘Listen’ so loud that we lose our voice!)


We’ve been friends for just over 12 years, enjoying countless drunken and highly embarrassing nights out, holiday’s, road trips singing in the car (pretending to be Beyonce generally), concerts (Kelly Clarkson was a firm favourite), but most importantly we’ve shared in each others highs and lows unconditionally ♥

I’ve seen a couple of posts on the Love My Dress Facebook Group where some brides feel alone and like their friends, their Bridesmaids even, aren’t in it with them, like they’re not interested or excited for their friend. The most recent one has played on my mind, making me reflect and appreciate! I am so lucky that my besties are always there, always involved, excited and interested and are always supportive with ideas, advice and suggestions. Thankfully, they actually want to be involved – it doesn’t matter what I send on our group, what questions I ask, what worries I have, they are always there – I’m never worried about feeling stupid or like i’m inconveniencing them.


Seeing them in their dresses for the first time is something I am so looking forward to and I can’t wait for our girly day, fitting and pinning, twirling around buzzing with excitement and a glass of Prosecco in hand! Of course a wedding is ultimately about getting married and committing to the person you love, but if you’re lucky enough, it’s also an opportunity to make more amazing memories with your favourite people.


Although only a small chapter of our friendship, I will always treasure these memories ♥



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