My Journey as a Newlywed into Motherhood

Every Love Story is Beautiful … but ours is my favourite ♥

Every Love Story is Beautiful … but ours is my favourite ♥

This time next year, my Fiancé (eeek) and I will be getting married.

40 days ago, he asked me to marry him at stunning Durdle Door, my new favourite place in the world.  At some point between my heart bursting, dropping to my knees and squeezing him a little too tight, I said yes. It was the most beautifully surreal moment and start to a wonderful new chapter.


I’ve floated through the last 40 days on a cloud of excitement, with butterflies zooming around my body, daydreaming.

I’ve dreamt of our wedding for a long time, accidentally finding myself welling up at work listening to a song that makes me think of what our first dance would be like, or about walking down the aisle on my Dads arm to see him waiting for me.

Him, is Ryan. We’ve been together 7 years and 2 months (with a 5 month ‘break’ in between, but that’s another story). To me, it sounds like aaaaaaages but time really has flown by and we have made amazing memories – I wouldn’t change a thing.

When he isn’t playing golf, at the gym or betting on sport, he can be found snuggled up next to me in our Flat watching Harry Potter with Caramel Nibbles, or playing with our little bunny, Rupert a.k.a The Great Rupardo. He must have 20 nicknames for me, ranging from the normal generic Bub to Bug, Minkalicious, Possum, Queen Bee and Great Mink – he makes me smile the biggest smiles without trying at all.

Each time I look down, when I’m not mesmerised by the sparkling, I feel incredibly grateful and thankful to him for everything that led to this incredible ring sitting nicely on my finger.


Already there are so many moments I treasure; the walk around Lulworth Cove. The long and steep hike up to Durdle Door. Seeing him near the cliff edge calling me over. Turning around and seeing him down on one knee. The walk back to Lulworth Cove and our conversations. Telling my Parents and Brother. Telling his Parents. Telling our friends (some who already knew and managed to keep the secret for a very long time ♥). The image of him asking my Dads permission. The excited drive home singing. Visiting and falling in love with our venue. The first day spent Wedding Dress shopping with my Mum. Finding THE dress and sharing that experience with My Mum, his Mum and my chief Bridesmaid.

I spend most of every day reminiscing and imagining. These last 40 days have gone so fast, too fast. I can’t wait for the day we get married, but I would like time to slow down just a little – I want to be sure to remember as much as I can about this new journey into married life, the journey to becoming Mrs Hayley Williams ♥


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