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Due to unforeseen circumstances …

Due to unforeseen circumstances …

6 months in to the Planning and we’d had no ‘unforeseen circumstances’ …


When we decided that Mum would make the Bridesmaid dresses, we knew she would have to do a few ‘test runs’. First off she made one version in a stretchy material, left over from something else, just to confirm the pattern was a good one. It was – result! Next we started fabric shopping. There were 2 shades I couldn’t chose between –  we decided the safest thing to do was to make 1 dress in each shade and then choose. Both dresses were made a size too big because, as with Wedding Dresses, it’s always easier to take in than let out and this allows Mum to really tailor them to the girls own shapes! On Sunday Ryan and I went over for dinner where Mum completely surprised me with both dresses ready, next to each other **inserts heart eye emoji**. I’d seen, and tried on, one of the dresses already and completely loved it, but seeing both there together, even though the colours were different, made me SO excited – the girls are going to look simply stunning in them on the day! I had a favourite but together with Ryan, Becky, Vik, Bec, Carol and my Dad’s help, the decision was made. We now have a ‘fitting’ date booked in the diary where we’ll sip Prosecco and dance around in pretty dresses with Beyoncé playing in the background (sorry Mum, you hate Beyoncé! (I know, WTF?!)).


With that image in my head, I was super happy eating my super healthy “OMG my dress is due into the shop in like 2 months” salad as I loaded up my personal emails. There before me was a new email from “Glamourous Gowns” with the subject ‘Please Read’. I never liked the name of the shop and feel I can now say so openly, it literally put me off going there! Anyway, the email goes on to politely advise that, with sincere apologies, the shop will be closing down on 18th March…!


Yep, that’s 26 days away.


Not particularly convincingly, the email goes on to confirm that my order is ‘in progress’ and my dress will be delivered to my home address at the time originally agreed (May), via Parcel Force. I’ve been emailing them back and forth, concerned that they’re going to appear on an episode of Rogue Traders running off with my deposit, and, after sending a very heated email, have managed to get a copy of the confirmed purchase order acceptance from the designer – making me feel a lot better! If you read my blog you know that recently I had a few doubts about my dress and was getting a little concerned but, this little episode has made me realise that I really do love my dress.


Just as I was starting to feel back to my happy self he hits me with more news I was NOT prepared for…

“Your dress will be delivered in March, either to the shop if before the 18th or to you directly if after”.

The dress I tried on in store was a size 12 and it had to be pinned all over. When I was being measured a size 10 fit my bust and bum but was too big on the tummy area. Buuuut, that was 3 months ago and since then, I have definitely over indulged, enjoying one too many tubs of Ben and Jerrys, Cadburys Oreo and Deutsch Libermans…**queue panicked message to Ryan “no more treat nights” followed by panicked message to Matt “PT’s start Saturday, yeah?**.


On the bright side, if my dress is delivered in March, hopefully it will be delivered in time for me to try on when the girls try on the bridesmaid dresses … then I can join in in the dancing in a pretty dress ♥ ♥ ♥ (providing I fit in it haha!)


On the LMD FB group, the Belles often talk about things that have gone wrong, or are going wrong, throughout their planning so I was expecting something to happen at some point. I’m feeling hopeful this will work out OK and there won’t be any problems in actually getting my dress. I thought I’d have a breakdown at the first hint of something going wrong but actually, in this instance anyway, I just felt quite sad for someone who has had to end their business and for the lovely girl that helped me who has lost her job.


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