My Journey as a Newlywed into Motherhood

Don’t panic … Organise!

Don’t panic … Organise!

As we go into 2017, with 222 days until THE DAY, I feel particularly unorganised.

I’m still spending most of my time looking at, thinking about and talking about any and everything wedding related – sorry to those getting fed up of me – but, since we bought my dress in November, there hasn’t been anything else significant ticked off the to do list. We’ve had Ryan’s birthday and Christmas to enjoy, December is always a busy month so I think I’ve been a little caught up in that – in one way, it’s been refreshing to have a little break from scrolling through string quartets, images of cakes and men in suits but now I feel like I have lots to catch up on.

When we got engaged, I made a conscious decision that I would try not get overwhelmed or feel stressed at the prospect of planning our wedding – we’re only going to have the 1 so I want to make sure I enjoy the process as much as possible.

Wedding Planner

Today, however, I need to get focused and get rid of this unorganised vibe I’m feeling. I’ve been through my ‘OMG We’re Getting Married‘ spreadsheet, I’ve re-written the to do list, checked over the payment schedules and re-assessed my provisional itinerary for the 7 days in the run up to August 11th. I have too many randomly placed notes; notes on my phone, in my work emails drafts, on my spreadsheet, pages folded in magazines, boards on Pinterest. It’s all too cluttered at the moment so, today will be spent on wedmin!

The big things we still have outstanding are;

  • Invites / Wedding Website
  • Flowers
  • Cake
  • Groomsmen Suits
  • Ceremony Music

I’ve set a completion date for the invites, website, flowers and cake of 31st January – once we’ve got these bits tied up, I think everything will feel a lot more settled. It will be smaller things left to do such as;

  • DJ
  • Decide on a Photobooth
  • Make the little DIY bits
  • Find Candles
  • Gifts
  • Shoes
  • Guestbook

Mum will help out with a lot of the smaller things, especially the DIY bits – it’s something she loves doing and is good at so we’re lucky to be able to enlist her help.

Designing our invites is going to be SO exciting and I can’t wait to get started. I envisage a cold January Saturday, Ryan and I on the sofa with the laptop, candles lit, listening to music as we put together our invites. Realistically, we’ll probably have the football on and he’ll be paying very little attention but either way, I am super excited! Our Save the dates were sent out back in October so we know who we’ll be inviting and hopefully they will all be free!

Just writing this blog, looking through my spreadsheet and re-organising my Pinterest boards has me feeling better!

To all the brides to be planning their big day – we got this!!

Wedding Cheers

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