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Calling All Mamas!

Calling All Mamas!

Today we are 28 weeks pregnant and I should have had our hospital bags packed already – I hate being unorganised. The only thing that makes me feel slightly better is that we finally have the cots (ready for Ryan to build this weekend) and the beside cot ordered. It’s all slowly coming together but we are in for a few very busy weekends. We are now sub 10 weeks and aiming to have everything ready, and have everything we need (or think we’ll need) by the end of February. I’m hoping to keep March as stress free and relaxing for Ryan and I as possible, assuming the babies allow us to of course 😬

I know singley babies can come early too, but it is more likely with Twins – also more likely is that they may need a period of time in hospital, so I’m packing the girls bag allowing for 5 days in hospital as a precaution…fingers and toes are firmly crossed, however,  that we’ll all be allowed home with Daddy as soon as possible. At this point we don’t whether I’ll be trying for a natural birth or if we’ll have a c-section so I’m intending to pack for both. Everything feels really uncertain, which I guess is the same for all births… it’s definitely much easier, and less concerning, packing for a 2 week beach holiday 🙈

Anyway, to the point of this blog – help and advice! I’ve watched a few vlogs and read a few blogs so have a basic list of things I think I’ll need for myself and the babies, but I’d really appreciate any other tips and suggestions people may have.

Baby Bags

So, this is what I have so far. It looks very light. I’m sure must be missing something… but then I don’t know if I actually need what I have listed either. Do I need bottles? I want to breastfeed but if they have go to into Neonatal unit for any reason, would the hospital supply bottles (assuming also they have a breast pump for patient use)? Do I need nappies? Do I need dummies? If they have to stay in for any length of time do I need to take something to bathe them or will the hospital provide robes, bathing lotion etc? Do I need 15 sleepsuits per child, that’s only 3 per day? Actually now I’ve worked it out per day, maybe 30 isn’t enough based on a 5 day stay. But then if we only have to stay 1 night, that’s too many.

Item QTY
Sleepsuits / Baby Grows 30
Nappies 1 Pack
Nappy Cream 1
Muslins 10
Hats 2
Coming Home Outfits 2
Blankets 6
Comforter Blankie / Teddy 2
Dummies 2
Bottles 4


I think all hospitals have their own policies on just about everything, so perhaps people will have different advice dependent upon their experience in their selected hospital. We’ll be having the girls at Frimley but that said, I’d still appreciate any, and all, tips available!


My Bag

I felt a lot more sure of what I’d probably want and need for myself, which I suppose shouldn’t surprise me considering I’ve never packed a bag for one baby, let alone two! Some of what is listed below I already have, courtesy of my wonderful family and friends, but there are some bits that I’ll have to buy so recommendations welcome…

Item QTY
Blue Book N/A
Light Dressing Gown (Dark colour) 1
Rubber Flip Flips / Slip on Slippers 2
Socks (although may have DVT socks) 5
Plain Big Pants (Dark colour) 20
Change of Clothes (Loose, light but warm) 3
Wrap / Shawl / Poncho 1
Nursing Bra 2
Spare Pillow 1
Breastfeeding Pillow 1
Breast Pads 1 Pack
Maternity Pads 1 Pack
Nipple Cream 1
Eye Mask and Ear Plugs 1
PJ’s 3
Ibuprofen for Ryan 1 Pack
Snacks (Healthy) Various
Handheld Fan 1
Water Bottle (with straw) 1
Chewing Gum / Mints Various
iPad (with stuff downloaded)/ Chargers (long cable charger) N/A
Camera / Charger N/A
Headphones (Bluetooth and iPhone) N/A
Wedding Ring Box N/A
Notepad / Pen / Q&A Journal N/A
Lip Balm 1
Hand & Body Moisturising Cream 1
Easy Make Up and Remover N/A
Facial Spray 1


Hair Ties / Pins Multiple


Ooh, I’ve just thought, do I need to take a changing mat?!

In John Lewis today I saw scented drawer liners and I thought I might get some of those to make my suitcase smell extra sweet! It sounds silly but I think it would be quite nice to open up my suitcase and smell something nice, rather than clinical, chemical hospital smells. I also thought about taking a few essential oils but need to do a little more research on that!


I want to try and have both cases packed by the end of the week so ladies, give it to me – your advice, tips and suggestions, your do’s and don’ts! And, of course a big thank you, thank you for helping a newbie Mama-To-Be out during this crazy ride!


Lots of Love

Hayley & The Babies

4 thoughts on “Calling All Mamas!”

  • Hello!
    First thing – I love reading your blog especially as I am a few weeks behind you on my second pregnancy – but can’t imagine what it is like with twins!
    Secondly and a bit of hospital advice – my daughter was very poorly when born and had a stay in intensive care in neonatal unit – firstly they are AMAZING (this was basingstoke but even so) but they will provide pre made bottles – she wouldn’t latch and being so poorly had to make the choice to just get her to have something – but they won’t let you use your own bottles or formula so I wouldn’t be too concerned about the bottles and things – also they will bathe them in neonatal but you aren’t allowed to use washes and things – they are old fashioned and only allow cotton wool and warm water! They will provide a couple of nappies but after that it’s down to you to provide them – make sure you get some size 0 for those first few days as size 1 is huge on a teeny baby 💕 I obviously wasn’t expecting to have a stay in neonatal so did not pack for any of this so it’s not a problem if you don’t have anything and everything – you do have to leave and go home at some point so you can collect extra things then and take a well needed shower – I chose not to stay at the hospital as they put me on a ward full of mums and babies while my baby was fighting for her life in intensive care I just couldn’t stay there but the neo unit are fantastic and accommodate anything – even me being there at 2am to feed her!
    There are a few things that are essential for you – lip balm – it’s actually possibly the most important thing – has and air (all I had so can’t comment on others) makes your mouth and lips really dry and painful without lip balm so that is a MUST! Also the most comfy pjs that you own – there is a million and one mums walking round in pjs after they have had there baby so there is definitely no shame and everything is very sore so comfort is essential!
    Hope some of this helps – I am a fellow planner and organiser so I understand how you are feeling right now – but as my midwife once said to me – your baby doesn’t know your plan and will do whatever she likes so try and keep a little relaxed about it to save any disappointment or panic!
    Look forward to your next post!
    Holly x x

    • Hey! Oh, how exciting – congratulations! How are you feeling? I LOVE that advice from your midwife, it’s definitely something that I need to take on board and work on, even more so when they are actually here, hehe! That’s super interesting and good to know re the bottles etc, and how flexible the neo natal unit were. I can’t imagine how hard that was for you! I will need to make sure Ryan has a little list of things he has to make sure are packed as a back up! I’ve got myself a new lip balm, and some Primark night shirts and nighties, so hopefully they’ll do the job 🙂 Thanks so much for msging and for the tips, its super helpful! xxx

  • Packing for hospital regardless of first labour or second is definitely just like packing for holiday and prob won’t use half the stuff just like on your travels.
    My favourite and most used item during pregnancy, labour and still to this day is a hot water bottle! Helps ease those back pains that hubby just can’t quite reach.
    During Jacobs pregnancy I loved a bath and was certain I wanted a water birth but at only 1 cm dilated it was too early for the birthing pool so they let me use the deepest bath I’ve ever seen, hated it and opted out of the birthing pool when the time came, I’ve been told it was the biggest mistake as the birthing pool is amazing and nothing like the bath, pack a costume if you feel there might be a chance you want to try it (if allowed) and hubby can get in too so don’t forget his speedos!
    And I can’t even imagine packing to bring two babies into the world as one warrants a suitcase of their own, if you can leave a bag at home for day two plus in case they do keep you/them in that’s easy for anyone to pick up for you and bring in then can swap dirty items for the clean stuff and send it home again (the washing fairy might even have visited by the time you get home if your lucky)
    Primark did some lovely button down nighties/shirts which are ideal for breast feeding in hospital and while still getting into the nighttime routine and cheap enough you don’t worry if get ruined and have to throw away.
    Lastly if going to use bottles for the babies they provide little glass ones with disposable teets for your days in hospital with just enough in for those first feeds.
    Enjoy your last couple of months of pregnancy, I still can’t remember what I used to do once home from work or on a weekend before the kids came along.
    Em X

    • HOT WATER BOTTLE!!!! That is such a good tip. Will make sure I remember to pack mine – I’ve been using it alot recently so I think I would deffo benefit from it during labour and recovery, so glad you mentioned it ♥ I really would have loved a water birth but we’re not allowed 🙁 It was a flat no when I asked because they want to monitor both babies and can’t do that in a pool, which sucks! I did actually pick my nightshirts and nighties up from Primark (always so reliable Primarni isn’t it, haha!) and I actually really like them too, even though they were just cheap hehe! Thank you so much for taking the time to msg xxx

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