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Beautiful Bridesmaids in Beautiful Dresses

Beautiful Bridesmaids in Beautiful Dresses

In 1989 with a 4 month old baby my Mum started making her very own dream Wedding Dress. It’s difficult to see in this picture but it was such an intricate and delicate design. She still has it now – I really should get some pictures of her in it and show it off a little more:) Btw, how beautiful are my parents?!


We had always planned that she would make my Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid dresses as she is an amazing seamstress. As much I would have loved for Mum to make my Wedding dress, we eventually decided against it –  I am extremely opinionated / blunt and it would potentially have caused unnecessary conflict – ultimately, we both wanted to be able to enjoy the dress experience together. We decided that Mum would make the Bridesmaid dresses and a matching dress for Viki’s little girl, Eloise, who will be our beautiful flower girl!

In my best friends Viki and Becca, I have 2 very beautiful Bridesmaids (Viki is actually MoH) .. as shown below!

bridesmaid bridesmaid

As soon as I started pinning, in no time at all I’d found a handful of dresses that were beautiful, but there was one picture and style of dress that completely stood out. It just so happens that Viki found the exact same picture and so that was it, decision made – we wanted those! The particular dresses are Badgley Mischka and will set you back a good £500 each so that further confirmed my decision to have Mum make them. It’s something special for both of us, and it will be completely unique for the girls, too – they’ll have dresses made to fit especially for them.

After a couple of weeks looking, Mum found a Vogue pattern at the bargain price of £12.59…I couldn’t believe it. Mum looked the pattern over and was confident there would be no problems – I was beyond relieved as I now had my heart completely set on these dresses. Next we moved on to sourcing the fabric – the tricky bit!

3 months later and we have found 2 fabrics but can’t quite decided which colour is better. One is more Rose Gold and the other is more Champagne. The excitement really peaked when I woke up to 2 pictures of the first ‘mock’ dress made in Rose Gold. I was so excited I could have cried – it looked exactly like the ones I’d pinned 5 months before. I immediately rushed to show Ryan and forward the pics on to my lovely Bridesmaids. They both loved them and couldn’t wait to try them on. Having no knowledge of sewing or what Mum was capable of, Ryan was super impressed. I uploaded the 2 pictures to the Love My Dress Facebook Community and the reaction was amazing, Mum was very flattered!

December has been super busy so Mum hasn’t got around to making the dress in the Champagne fabric but, as soon as she does, we will be having a girly afternoon at my house, trying them on and sipping Prosecco – I want it to be more than just trying the dresses on, its a monumental moment. They are my very best friends and I want them to feel special, pampered and loved!

Mum has been just incredible making the dress, she never fails to amaze me with her creative ability – a gene I sadly didn’t inherit. I am so lucky to have her support and skills throughout the whole of wedding planning.

It’s memories like this that I don’t want to forget, not only the excitement of waking up that morning and seeing the pictures, but  the feelings of love and gratefulness for my Mum and friends.


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