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Birthdays, Suits, Golf and Sunshine … another perfect weekend!

Birthdays, Suits, Golf and Sunshine … another perfect weekend!

Yesterday was Papa’s 51st Birthday and we were spoiled with a beautiful weekend full of incredible sunshine to celebrate. We all went for dinner on Saturday night, played Top Golf on Sunday morning and then went back to Mum and Dads to soak up the last of the sun, followed by Fajitas and the Masters.

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Ryan and I were also celebrating as he finaaaaaaaaaaally chose the suits for the Grooms Party  – 1 Groom, 2 Dad’s, 1 Best Man and 3 Ushers!


I was super nervous in the days leading up to the appointment because he is very fussy, we were fast running out of time, and we’d had a few arguments around the style of suit. Since the beginning I’d had a very clear ‘vision’ but suddenly, with less than 5 months to go, regardless of the sad faces I pulled, the screenshots I sent, the tantrums I threw, he wasn’t having it – my vision was not to be. I tried very hard not to be a bridezilla and would be lying if I said I wasn’t really disappointed but I tried to follow the advice of other brides and remember that on the day, it won’t matter at all, he’ll still look amazing, and the day will still be incredible.


With that in mind, starting afresh, we went along to our second appointment at Black Tie and met with the lovely Graham who was super helpful.  When Ryan told him he’d changed his mind since our first visit 2 months ago, he asked “were you bullied into it?” … cheeky!


Despite our intentions of going there and trying various suits on, he actually only tried on one. It was suit equivalent of THE ONE. As soon as he walked out of the changing room, he was smiling away – I think it was actually a surprise to both of us how much we liked it! We looked at a few options for how the suit could be worn and how Ryan’s outfit could be changed up to separate him from the rest of the guys, trying on braces, dickie bows, and various waistcoats.  On our first visit, I was literally bouncing round the shop floor with excitement because he looked so handsome and, although I see him in a suit every day and think pretty much the same thing, I was still taken aback by just how good he looked in this style – he pulls a suit off so well! Towards the end of the appointment, Graham eagerly pulled out a bit of a wild card and wouldn’t let Ryan look in the mirror until he was fully ‘jacked up’. It all just came together perfectly 😍


It was nice having someone fussing over Ryan for a change and making him feel a bit special. The appointment was a huge success, and as much as I hate to admit it, he did look even better in this suit than the one I had chosen ♥ He wasn’t remotely excited  by the outfit I’d wanted from the first visit so it was really nice to see him loving this one!


Now I’m just hoping that the chosen suit and colours go with the Bridesmaid dresses…eeek! They should do, but we won’t actually know until we see it all together. I think we’ll have to go back with the Bridesmaid dresses and try it all on it … gives me another opportunity to play dress up hehe!


Yesterday I had a message from Isabel at Ava Louise Bridal confirming my Wedding Dress has been delivered … queue immediate panic! It seems crazy that it’s ready less than a month since I ordered it. My first fitting has been arranged for 17th June so I have a little bit of time to really focus on eating properly and cutting out the last few bits of naughtiness! Mum and I will head up on Saturday to try it on, hopefully take a few better pictures, and pay the balance. I’ve managed to get a bit of a tan after a few sunbeds and the wonderful weather over the weekend so I’m excited to try it on with a slightly darker skin tone.


To add to all of the excitement of the last few days, Ryan and I have our tasting evening at The Elvetham tonight. Mum is taking us over for 7pm so we can enjoy a 3 course meal and a selection of wines ready to make our choices for the Big Day. Hopefully I won’t be too hungover for work tomorrow haha 😜


All in all it’s been a successful few days. We’ve got a long weekend coming up, only 4 days at work, all of the big wedding stuff is done and RSVP’s are due on 30th. Super exciting. And, after, 9 months of wedding planning, I’m still loving it just as much, if not more!


With only 122 days to go, quite a few prayers were made to the weather gods over the weekend, praying for the same glorious sunshine we had this weekend 🙏🏻


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