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30 Day Countdown

30 Day Countdown

On 2nd July Ryan and I spent the day in Richmond to celebrate it being one year since we got engaged. We’ve never celebrated an anniversary but this seemed like one that we needed to do a little something for. As we wandered around my mind flitted back to that time last year, the moment I turned around to see Ryan down on one knee proposing, catapulting us into a journey towards a new chapter that’s had me drowning in emotions and excitement. You can read about Ryan’s proposal here. The memory of the whole weekend is still so fresh and I think about it all the time – those crazy butterflies are never far and make frequent re-appearances. I still giggle like a little girl at the thought of actually being engaged and getting married. I never tire of looking down at my ring.

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I had had my hair trial in the morning and Ryan was watching a friend compete in Basingstoke’s Strongest Man so we headed off just after lunch. The weather hadn’t been great but that day there was glorious sunshine. We strolled along the river, popped in a few shops and had dinner at an Argentinian Steak House, saving a lost child along the way. We had a funny moment in the restaurant, it still makes me laugh thinking about it now (18 days later – where is time going?). Ryan doesn’t handle any sort of confrontation well, so when the waitress asked me if everything was OK with my meal and I told her politely it was very bland and that I wasn’t expecting a bowl of plain tagliatelle with 5 prawns when I ordered what sounded like a sumptuous Italian meal, he was mortified. He knew it was coming… and that made it even funnier. I could see him out the corner of my eye as he sank down into his chair and looked in every other possible direction. The waitress was lovely and gave us a complimentary Nutella Cheesecake, which Ryan eventually overcome his embarrassment to happily choose and devour. I find this side of Ryan so endearing, the cute awkwardness he sometimes has. It was so nice to spend the afternoon together and relax in the sunshine, everything has felt so special since the proposal, I think it’s given me a greater sense of appreciation for even the simple things, like a day out in the sunshine.

Hampshire Wedding Blogger  Hampshire Wedding Blogger Had to include this Instagram post … he’s so cute ♥

Over the last year, I’ve become a bit of a wreck. I’ve always been a crier but the amount of random outbursts when listening to songs, watching any wedding on TV or generally just thinking about our day, has been a little melodramatic… even for me! It does feel as though my life has been taken over. Watching wedding videos and reading wedding blogs has become my favourite hobby (and resulted in an awful lot of thumb cramp from scrolling!) – I recommend it even if you aren’t engaged! The other day, as I was starting on one of our many signs, Becky asked what song I was walking down the aisle to. I popped it on and as it played, I couldn’t even look at her and had to purposely think of something else because my lip immediately started trembling, tears ready to stream at any second. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the day without being a blubbering mess.

There are now just 30 days until our Wedding Day (24 at the point of finishing this blog!). It seems like yesterday we’d booked The Elvetham and still had a year to go. Back then, a year seemed like so long to wait, too long – I could never have imagined time would go so fast, no matter how many people told me it would.  The thought of this all being over, that after 11 months of obsessing and daydreaming, it will all be played out in 1 single day … my brain just can’t quite comprehend that. I pray the doesn’t go as fast as everyone says it will. I’m going to ask Mum and Bec to try to remind me throughout the day to take a moment to stop, look around me and soak it all up. Already I’m so glad that we booked The Wedding Video Guys to record the day for us.

It’s been such a special year and I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful fiancé, family and friends. I can’t believe how much I want to marry Ryan, I just cannot wait ♥

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