My Journey as a Newlywed into Motherhood

3 months, 1 Wedding, 1 Honeymoon, 2 Countries and 2 massive surprises

3 months, 1 Wedding, 1 Honeymoon, 2 Countries and 2 massive surprises

It’s been so long since I’ve written a post – the last was a 30 day countdown to our Wedding Day. Since our big day on Friday 11th August, our life has been completely taken over by a new, exciting adventure. I had planned on writing posts about all the different parts of the day that made up the best day of my life; The days before. The pre-wedding night. Getting ready with the bridal party. Seeing my Dad for the first time. The Ceremony, getting emotional saying our vows and being called Leanne (yep that happened!). The incredible speeches. The celebrations. Ryan now being my Husband. I wanted to write all about our honeymoon too, I even started a diary so I didn’t forget a thing while we were away with no laptop. We had 3 wonderful weeks in Santorini and Sorrento and there was a lot of beautiful experiences to document and more pictures to share (even more than already shared on Instagram). At some point, I’m sure I will still write about all of that. But, everything went in a different direction on Monday 21st August, in a beautiful hotel in Santorini, 8 days into our 20 day honeymoon…

Twin Pregnancy  Twin Pregnancy

At 2.30 in the afternoon, after another day where I was completely shattered (riding around on a quad bike and sunbathing was genuinely somehow exhausting!), with a random Spotify playlist playing The Monster in the background, I shouted to start the 2 minute timer.  Before I’d even finished peeing, I could see a dark cross instantly appear on the Greek pregnancy test we had bought earlier that day. I called out to Ryan and, leaving the stick on the side to wait the rest of the 2 minutes, walked into the bedroom where he was, of course, stroking his beard and on his phone. “What? What does it say?” – looking down at the empty packet, I typed the words written next to the cross, Enkyos, in to trusty Google Translate … PREGNANT.

Twin Pregnancy

But that wasn’t to be our only surprise of the year. On 9th September we were referred for an early scan – the Early Pregnancy Unit at the hospital isn’t open on weekends so we were told to contact Baby Bonds in Newbury who booked us in for a scan the following day. We went to our scan on Sunday 10th hoping everything was ok with our little MB (Embryo), as it had been affectionately nicknamed at week 6. I’ll go into the details another time, writing about my experiences of the first Trimester, but after the most uncomfortable 25  minutes of my life, waiting with a full bladder, it was our turn…

“There are 2 babies”… and with that, life changed again.

2 babies, 2 heartbeats fluttering away. I couldn’t stop ecstatically and nervously giggling. Ryan looked completely shell shocked. This wasn’t something we had contemplated at any point – except for a fleeting joke Ryan made in Sorrento due to my extreme bloating. Even as I write this, over a week since our 12 week scan confirming our fraternal twin pregnancy, my eyes still fill up with the happiest of tears.

So, life has been totally taken over by extreme tiredness and I haven’t had time to write a word about the last 9 weeks. But I will get around to writing about our day and honeymoon adventures soon – I’m sure there are already many things that I’ve forgotten so I don’t want to leave it too long. I’m feeling more myself, and am slowly feeling a little less sleepy so will have more time to get back into it. Back when I started this blog in August last year I wanted to use it as a way to remember, to look back at in the future as I did with my Granddad and his old journals. I think I would have liked to read back on my grandparents and parents adventures when they started their families, and one day, hopefully I’ll be sat down with some futuristic tool that I have no idea how to use while my children or grandchildren flick through the pages of this blog, reading all about the beginning of our family.


Hampshire Wedding Blogger

Hampshire Wedding Blogger

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